Eucalyptus Muscle Rub Ingredient Benefits

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Shae Butter:

Shea butter has been proven to have extensive anti-inflammatory properties

Mango Butter:

Mango butter also has anti-inflammatory properties. Soothes joint pain and discomfort. As an added bonus, it also contains Vitamin A which can protect skin from damage caused by UV radiation.

Castor Oil:

Has impressive anti-inflammatory effects that soothe pain and reduce swelling

Arnica Oil:

Arnica is used for bruises, sprains, muscle soreness, and muscle spasms often associated with sports activity. Arnica is also used to treat muscular aches, joint pain, and arthritis. It is believed that the arnica plant has anti-inflammatory properties.

Jojoba Oil:

Has anti-inflammatory properties. As an added benefit, it contains Vitamin B5 that can help speed up wound healing.

Peppermint Essential Oil:

Provides muscle pain relief.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil:

Relieves muscle and joint pain linked to strains and sprains, arthritis, and bruising.

Menthol Crystal:

They help relax muscles by creating cooling sensation that is ideal for addressing aches, pain, cramps, sprains.